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released September 20, 2014



all rights reserved


HTH PRODUCTIONS Smolensk, Russia

Formed in 2010 for support of the underground.

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Track Name: The Time Has Come...
The Time Has Come...

The sky is turning down to black
The crowd is ready to attack
Forgotten souls of motherland
Are spreading death
With bodies tired of misery
We fight against the slavery
This greedy violent government
Has come to end

The time has come
The war begun
Raging masses killing everyone
You hear my voice
So make your choice
To lose you head or lose your crown

No more corrupted tyranny
No more enslaved society
it's Time to face the only option
Leave or die
Your kin of lawless traitors
Will join the dead dictators
Unless you step aside
To stay alive

Despotic rule will come to end
Our lives will take another bend
We are the shapers of our fate
It's in your hands
We are the voice of civil war
We are the ones to change the world
The fight is all we're asking for
So make your stand
Track Name: Game Over
Game Over

Virtual fever seized the masses,
Knocking on every door
People do not walk the streets,
They fight their digital war

Meaning of life is lost,
So is control and freedom
Run fast and don't look back
This world cannot be treated

Internet untied their hands
Life suffocates in abysmal throes
Their order's to seek 'n' eliminate
electronic foes

Virtual reality,
Destructive realm of wasted lives
Exchange is not honest
They pay their highest price

Time will show
Who has won,
No regrets
For what we've done.
New age now
Starts to rise.
Now bow down,
No one hears your cries.
Track Name: Reckoning Day
Reckoning Day

Vain prophets told everyone
This day will fall upon this earth,
But idle human herds
Didn't give a damn
Soul is slowly fading out
When you ingest meal of imbecile,
Blend of stale TV shows,
Junk music and food

Fire! Doomsday is coming
Fire! Sinners burning
No evading fate
Sky explode with hate
Voice is telling herds
Final words

Burn in hell
We won't hear the final bell
Burn in Hell
None will weep for us
Burn in hell
Only distant sound of knell
Burn in hell
Over ruins of faith and trust

World going down in flames
Engulf the guilty and the innocent,
Blood rushing deep and wide
To cleanse the earth
Those who sin and those who not
Will die alike in tears of agony,
Blind avenger coming out
From shade of grave
Track Name: Battlefield

The face of a stranger is caught in a sight
The Killing is art, the art with no worth of delight
You've found a victim, but who said you've found truth?
On the other side of coin the victim is you

Finger on the trigger, killing time has come
You begin a countdown with death, one on one
Nothing but bloody traces on the wall
Another innocent soul is shot to the underworld

You are a spawn of war
Nothing is sacred for you anymore
You're taught only to kill, what you can feel
When you enter the battlefield?

Estranged existence your life has become
Empty biologic shell under dying sun
Shoot yourself now, no sense for dying later
Your consciousness gone like a vile traitor
Track Name: Shattered!

something’s to run out, something’s to explode
This is the war we’ve been all waiting for
Nothing would stop us from taking our part
We’re metal maniacs, pity if you’re not

Fast! Hard! Loud!
Run! Scream! Shout!

Joining our forces we head to the stage
Fans are impatient to release their rage
As the amp is switched on the massacre begins
Here starts the battle in which no one wins

Don’t stop running wild, just bang your head,
Enter the pit and run till you’re dead
Manage to cripple even your friend
He answers the same if he stands till the end

The pit zone is flooded by vomit, sweat and blood
Some just keep on thrashing, others pray to God
The amplifiers are smoking, they're nearly to combust
A hundred necks are broken after banging too fast
After the slaughter the wounded crawl away
Those who's survived have nothing more to say
We’re gonna leave the stage but will return for more
All the doubts you have in mind we’ll shatter to the core